The Benefits of Hiring a GAF Certified Installer
January 13, 2013 Info

Shingles have changed dramatically over time. As a roofing contractor for over twenty-five years, I have witnessed these changes and can tell you that homeowners have benefited greatly from them, especially in the area of warranties. In fact, when they choose a certified installer, homeowners can now benefit from warranties that have never been seen in our lifetime.

In the past, roofing shingles were typically sold by weight and warranty time periods.  There were light weight (about 215 pounds per square), mid-weight (about 240 pounds) and heavyweight (300-320 pounds).  The heavier (and thicker) the shingles were, the longer the warranty period.

When the industry standard changed from organic/asphalt to fiberglass/asphalt the weight and thickness became less important. By saturating a fiberglass mat with asphalt the manufacturers were able to create a stronger but lighter product. Weight became less relevant and the products were sold by warranty time periods such as twenty, twenty-five, and thirty years.  In recent years, the manufacturers have changed the warranties to two different warranty periods:  20/25 years and Lifetime.

When selecting your shingles, it is important to know how these warranties work.  Under the standard agreement, the manufacturer will warrant against defects caused during the manufacturing period. Some of these defects are blistering, delaminating, and improper sealing, among others. The 20/25 year shingles come with a 100% material and labor guarantee for the initial ten years the shingles are on the home. Beginning in year eleven, however, the manufacturer will no longer pay for the labor to install the new shingles and they will only pay a pro-rated portion of the cost of the new shingles up until the 20/25 year period expires. Also, they will not reimburse the owner for the cost of incidental material, such as felt or nails.

The lifetime warranty terms are basically the same with an extension of the end of the term.  This, however, begs the question:  How do you calculate a pro-rated amount based on a lifetime warranty? Nobody has been able to satisfactorily answer that question.

The problem is easily resolved by dealing with a GAF Certified Installer like Colony Roofing & Exteriors. As a certified installer, we offer our customers the System Plus Warranty. In order to qualify, we are required to install three GAF accessory products in addition to the Lifetime shingles. This is not an issue because our standard reroof package always has at least three approved accessories. The terms of the warranty now extends the non-prorated period from TEN years to FIFTY years. Therefore, if your shingles have a manufacturing defect IN THE FIRST FIFTY YEARS THAT THEY ARE ON YOUR HOME, GAF WILL REIMBURSE YOU THE MARKET RATE AMOUNT TO REPLACE YOUR ROOF. The cost for this warranty is $70.00, which we absorb, and the choice to purchase it is really a “no-brainer”.  If your shingles prove to be defective within the 50 years, GAF will get you a new roof! This includes shingles, labor, and all the incidentals that come with installation.

With the exception of commercial property, every home I reroof gets the GAF System Warranty.   It is important to understand that this warranty guarantees the performance of the material only, and is not related to the quality of the installation. As always, we only use experienced and professional roofing crews. Our crews are also efficient, which means we get the job done in as little time as possible.  You can rest assured that your new roof with be as beautiful as you had hoped and will add not only to the aesthetic value of your home, but will likely increase its market value should you choose to sell. Plus, this warranty is transferrable to a second owner for minimal fee, which should be attractive to a new buyer.

At Colony Roofing & Exteriors we are proud to be a GAF Certified installer.  We have also received the Angie’s List Super Service Award for the last two years and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are the roofing contractor who will always give you a fair price and an excellent product.  We have been in the business of roofing for over twenty years because our goal is to always make sure our customers are 100% satisfied.   Let us make you another satisfied customer! Call us today at 281-347-4438!


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