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Steve FurberSteve Furber, owner of Colony Roofing and Exteriors, built homes for ten years and started his own company over twenty-five years ago. You can benefit from his decades of experience including hiring the best crews, using quality materials, and making sure the job is done to your satisfaction.

Many homeowners choose us because Steve thoroughly explains the process and answers all their questions. After talking to him, you will feel your home is in the hands of an honest and professional person. Take a look at our testimonials and see how much people appreciate the integrity and knowledge we have to offer!

Because of our years of experience, you can count on Colony Roofing and Exteriors to complete any job to your satisfaction. You can trust us to do an excellent job, whether it is roofing, windows, siding, insulation, radiant barrier, and more! Here are just a few of the many other projects we can do for you:


Remember the last time you tried to enter a building or a home only to have water pouring off the building – and on you? Gutters prevent that by diverting the water away from the entryways and porches of your home. Gutters also protect your doors, siding, windows, fascia, soffit, and decorative landscaping. They prevent the splash-back that causes staining on siding and masonry and safeguard your plants from the damage heavy rains can cause.

We install gutters in one of two sizes:

  1. Five- inch gutters are for homes with a standard roof slope (pitch) and/or size.
  2. Six- inch gutters are for homes whose roofs are larger and/or pitch (slope) is steeper than average. These roofs have more area for rain to accumulate and need larger gutters.

We offer seamless, aluminum gutters which have a baked on finish and a choice of many colors to accent your home. We also offer Leafguard covers which eliminate the need for cleaning out debris, dirt, and leaves that can clog gutters, inhibiting their performance.


A Contractor You Can Trust

Steve Furber only allows the most professional, experienced crews to work on your home. Whether you need a deck or a driveway, a patio cover – or virtually anything that needs building or repairing on and around your home- Colony Roofing and Exteriors is the perfect building contractor for you! Give us a call or fill out our convenient website form. We look forward to making you another 100% satisfied Colony Roofing & Exteriors customer!