Radiant Barrier

Anyone who has experienced a brutal south Texas summer knows how frustrating it can be to lower their thermostat, hoping for some relief, only to find they are still uncomfortable. Adding to their frustration is their expensive monthly electric bill. So, what do you do? What is best way to effectively prevent unwanted heat from entering your home? How can you save money on those expensive electric bills? The answer is simple: radiant barrier. This product can (1) make your home more comfortable (2) save you money on your electric bills (3) reduce wear and tear on your air conditioning unit and (4) increase the resale value of your home. Additionally, it does not detract from the beauty of your home and does not require homeowner association approval.

Radiant heat barriers are installed in three ways, depending on the homeowner’s needs:

  1. Plywood sheathing – This highly effective barrier blocks up to 92% of the sun’s UV rays. This product is a type of high tech radiant barrier foil attached to one side of the roofing plywood. It is designed for new roofs or when replacing existing wood roofs. Test results indicate a significant result in the overall temperature in the attic which could result in savings on your electric bill.
  2. Polaralum – An excellent radiant heat barrier, Polaralum is the perfect choice for any home requiring a new roof. Manufactured in rolled sheets, it is installed directly beneath the shingles. Its outstanding UV protection and energy savings are equal to those of plywood sheathing.

The benefits of radiant barrier speak for themselves. The cost savings could even pay for this product in three-four years and will continue to save you money and provide comfort for many years to come.

It can also increase the resale value of your home. One of the main questions homebuyers ask when choosing a home concerns energy costs. Since homeowners hate being saddled with excessive electric bills, a costly one can be a deal breaker. Investing in a product that will make your home more marketable, while saving you money, is one of the wisest choices you can make.

Colony Roofing & Exteriors has numerous years of experience installing radiant barrier. Our crews complete the job in a timely manner, always perform a thorough post-job clean up, and never inconvenience you, our customer!

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